Travel without a car

I travel a lot without a car. I’m a fan of walking, bicycling, and public transit anyway. Modern apps like Google Maps make taking public transit much easier than in the past, and uber gives you instant access to any city’s taxi system. I live in the northeast US. Here are some cities I’ve visited without a car:

Seattle: the public bus system is extensive, and great during the week, but you have to wait a while during weekends.

Denver: although our B&B was near a bus stop, we relied mostly on Uber. We even ubered out to the Red Rocks amphitheater, which was risky because it was winter and not many people were going that way, but it turned out fine.

Austin: My hotel was in walking distance of the downtown 6th street area, and I took Taxis otherwise (this was in pre-Uber days). I took a taxi to the JFK library and University of Texas’s Harry Ransom Center.

New Orleans: there’s a handy bus that takes you from the airport to Tulane for three bucks, which is near the hotel district on the west side of Canal St. You can easily walk across Canal to the French Quarter, and it’s a bit further walk to Frenchman Street (I ubered back to the hotel). You can also take the streetcars through the Garden District.

Memphis: I found the downtown very walkable; I took an uber to get to the suburbs. There is a trolley, but on weekends it hardly runs at all. I also took an uber to Cooper Street, and rented a bicycle which I found using Spinlister website, and rode to several parks and landmarks in town on a bike.

DC: Transit system is superb and easy to use. Once I used the city’s bike sharing program, and rode from the George Washington University campus to their satellite campus in Virginia and back, even though I could have taken their shuttle bus. That was fun.

Boston: Also has a superb transit system and I used their bikeshare system while there to go out to Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge. Unfortunately, no bikes are allowed at Mount Auburn!

Montreal: Not in the US, of course, but also has a superb transit system and great bike infrastructure, and is well worth a visit. I actually brought my own bike there. It’s probably the most enjoyable big city I’ve ridden in. They have a bike sharing system, but I was told it was priced to encourage short rides, not all-day rides. The subway system is superb, anyhow.