Shoes to fit Speedplay Frog cleats

Back around 2001, I bought a set of Speedplay Frog pedals and cleats. They were never a very popular brand, as far as I know, but they had a good reviews and I’m always one to go for the unusual. So I bought a set of Frog pedals and cleats, knowing that they are “SPD-compatible” but not necessarily compatible with all SPD shoes. At the time, I bought a pair of Diadora shoes which were explicitly listed as being compatible. The Diadora’s treads were spread apart enough to accommodate the extra width of the Frog cleats. I didn’t use the clip-in pedals much, though, and after a couple years I removed them from the bike.

Fast forward 16 years, I decided to go back to the clip-in Speedplays after years of commuting on regular platform pedals. I was happy to learn that I really enjoyed going back to the Speedplays, except for one problem: my 16-year-old shoes quickly began to fall apart! I needed new shoes for my 16-year-old pedal system.

Looking at the Speedplay website, their list of Frog-compatible shoes was … 16 years old. Oops. It wasn’t clear to me what shoes would be compatible. I needed to bring my cleats and go to the local shop.

My local shop was very helpful, fortunately. To make a long story short, I bought a pair of Bontrager Katan Mountain Shoes for $125. The wide Speedplay Frog cleats just barely fit between the tread, but they do indeed fit. Since the tread is soft rubber, there is just enough “give” to fit the cleats in there.

I love these new shoes, they fit well and have a great quick-tighten system. And I still love my old Speedplay Frog pedal system!